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Back to School to become MRI Technician

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a procedure used in hospitals and other healthcare centers to scan patients and diagnose the condition of certain injuries in patients. Advancement in the medical field and growing demand of MRI has made it an emerging medical field. As such choosing MRI technician career is the perfect choice one can make. Infact this is one of the most fascinating, rewarding and health-related job in demand nowadays. MRI technicians play a vital role in modern medical imaging.

When careers in medical field are flourishing, employment of Magnetic Resonance Imaging technicians is also expected to grow faster than the average for all job fields. This is due to advances of medical science, growing population and not to forget the baby boom generation that is advancing into old age and needs more testing and healthcare services. In the coming days, MRI techs are likely to be employed mostly in hospitals; however growth majorly is expected in physician’s offices and diagnostic imaging centers.

MRI Technologist Requirements

To become certified MRI technician there are certain things you need to understand. First and foremost you must have completed healthcare course in MRI which can be best obtained through associates or bachelor’s degree in healthcare related field from one of the accredited colleges. Graduates from health science or radiology must go for a certification program which would include specialized training in MRI. After your experience as MRI tech you have to have a license. Certification is although not required however most of the employers today prefer certified MRI technicians.

Next important thing is to get licensed no matter what route you are choosing. Requirements may differ from state to state but getting license is recommended and in some places it is mandatory. To get the license you may have to appear for a written exam. Once the license is obtained you will have to renew it after every two years to keep it valid.

MRI Technician Responsibilities

MRI Tech Responsibilities are inevitable and so numerous factors are taken into consideration. Physical fitness also comes into play as MRI technologist because he has to stand almost the entire day and may also have to assist patients to get accurate images so as to get correct diagnosis. Therefore physical strength becomes an important factor. Also he should practice patience and kindness with the patients as some people are scared while they are taken for procedure.

Who are MRI Technicians?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI technologist is the one who is a skilled professional and uses MRI technology to create images of structures of the internal parts of the body. The images so developed are used by the physicians to make medical diagnoses like diagnose several disorders or dysfunctions. MRI tech works also include venipuncture procedures on patients and acquaint them with the procedure. They are also responsible for maintaining patient’s comfort, safety, and their mental states. This is because passing the patient into MRI machine can be a harrowing experience.

MRI technicians are basically a medical care professional who operates MRI machines to get the detailed images of tissues and structures of inside of the body. MRI technician duties also include interpretation of physician’s instructions, explaining the entire procedure to the patients, select software options, MRI technicians primarily work in hospitals, clinics, physician’s offices, mobile units, emergency care centers and research centers. To be able to all type MRI tech work in changing environment the technician should be skilled in handling the MRU equipments.

Since magnetic resonance imaging is a technology-driven career that requires you to be knowledgeable enough with computers and MRI machinery. A MRI technician acquires all the knowledge through accredited MRI technician programs. A MRI program can be considered as a certificate for MRI technician or technologist. Both the words are used interchangeably for MRI professional.

MRI technician training enhances the chance of getting employment.  People who undergo a training program have a higher probability of getting recruited. They do not have problem finding a job since there are a lot of opportunities available for them.